Plan your trip

  1. We provide all necessary bedding, cutlery and utensils; you only need towels, so that helps with the packing.
  2. If you need a cot, please let us know and we’ll organise that for you.
  3. Don’t be governed by flight schedules, look at other airports as it might be cheaper and easier to fly in to one airport and out of another.
  4. Different airlines handle your sports equipment differently. We tend to wrap our towels around surfboards to protect them, it also helps with the luggage quota.
  5. If you’re hiring a car and you plan to arrive and fly out of different airports check the small print as some rental car firms charge a returning fee.
  6. UK Sat Navs take a while to pick up GPS when you first switch countries, so take your time when you leaving the airport or ferry port.
  7. If you’re using your own car make sure you’ve been to Halfords and picked up your driving in France kit. It includes headlamp deflectors, Hi Vis jackets and triangle, plus breathalyser kit. You’ll be penalised if you don’t have these in the car.
  8. The major cities are very busy at the usual rush hour times so bear that in mind when thinking about ETAs.
  9. Please let us know your ETA; campsite receptions are not 24hr, so we’ll need to arrange for the keys to be left if you arrive late.
  10. Unpack and enjoy.