Toddler friendly camping

Having had our fair share of holidays with babies and toddlers we know that it’s not just the packing that can be a daunting factor when it comes to camping with little ones.

We’ve experienced it all so the sites we’ve chosen and the dome layouts we’ve created mean you don’t have to. All our sites offer you lots of space and room to breathe.

For starters, all our domes have soft astro-turf floors which are easy to clean and incredibly comfortable under foot, which even the softest skin (including baby knees & bottoms!) will appreciate.

There’s a large window (approx 1/3 of the dome itself) so you can easily see in while toddlers are snoozing/playing during the day. Cot beds are available if you need them and all your beds (big and small) are made up with freshly laundered linen for your arrival.

The Hanging beds are a big hit. Children – of all ages – absolutely love them.

Then there were the kid’s beds which were very cool. They hang and look like cocoons, after months of Cherry being a nightmare at bedtime she actually enjoyed going to bed whilst we were there and you can see why!” alongcomecherry blogger

The opening to the dome faces out to the kitchen & hammock area – which means no matter where you are outside the dome, you can see the door and anyone who might be trying to sneak out.

The kitchen area itself is well stocked with everything you should need – unbreakable crockery, all the pots & pans you need to whip up an easy meal, large surface areas and a family friendly 6 seater kitchen table (there are high chairs available too if you need them). We supply baby bowls and cutlery and there’s also a microwave in the kitchen so you can heat milk or baby food and it’s big enough to fit a steriliser if you need it.

To find more information about the Col d’Ibardin campsite toddler friendly services and amenities click here.