It’s important to us to listen to all those little things that do make a difference to your holiday experience. Here are 10 little things for 2015

Power to the people (power in the dome)
Lots of you asked for sockets in the dome to charge things over night and run DVDs players for the kids to watch in the comfort of the domes. Your wish is our command

Patience is not always a virtue (electric kettle)
It split opinion but we prefer to give you the option. Each dome will now come with an electric kettle so you can have tea on the go or take it slow.

De luxe comfort (more pillows)
You asked for more pillows and we know how important a good nights sleep is, so you can spend your night plumping to your hearts content.

Keeping the hunger at bay (lids for the pans)
It’s simple but something that will help us as well as you. It now should take a lot less time boiling water for the eagerly awaiting past fiends. It also means using less gas on the plancha (good for us and good for the environment)

Giving you a little more room (towel packs)
With so many of our guests flying it was important to us that towel hire was available to free up more space in your suitcases for the more important things. Please email us if you’re interested in prices etc.

A greater welcome (The basics local produce packs)
From the basics (milk) to the best local cheese and wine we realise that to arrive at the campsite after a long journey with one less hassle or something to look forward to will make you have a good start to your holiday. Again please email us if you’re interested in prices etc.

Being better prepared (Inventory list in the welcome pack email)
We like the scout’s motto (be prepared) and when people asked us to send more information in the welcome pack including an inventory of what’s already included we will from now on make sure it’s included (scouts honour)

Back to nature (changes to traditional French camping)
Not such a small thing but it won’t happen overnight. At glisten we pride ourselves of working in collaboration with our campsites to improve what they and we offer as a holiday experience. We’re currently offering consultancy to camping Col d’Ibardin on how to improve the guest experience, so we hope to see improvements to infrastructure, entertainment, food and drink in 2015.