Q. How many does the dome sleep comfortably?

A. Depending on your family size and ages (and how much space you want) we say five in comfort, six at a stretch. We always say a maximum of four adults as the hanging beds are a bit too small for adults but the sofa bed is really comfortable and can easily sleep two.


Q. How big are the hanging beds, and will my 13 year old son fit?

A. A number of families stayed in the dome when we were testing everything out, and because some felt the hanging beds were a bit small for older children we’ve made them bigger to accommodate a wider range of children (they’re now 2m long and 85cm wide) but if your son’s already 6ft he might be a bit uncomfortable!


Q. Why is there no ensuite?

A. In order to bring you great locations and facilities our accommodation has to be temporary, so we install at the start of the year and take down at the end. This might change as we build relationships with campsite owners, but for now we make sure we place the domes a convenient distance from the campsite’s excellent washing and bathroom facilities.


Q. Is your accommodation toddler friendly?

A. Our kids are now four and just under seven; we fully understand what it’s like to take toddlers and babies on holiday. Rest assured we’ve tried to think of everything that will make your lives easier. Travel cots and seat boosters are available; the flooring in the dome is AstroTurf to soften the stumbles, and accommodation is secure to give you peace of mind, we can also provide blackouts for the portholes if necessary.


Q. Is there anyone on site to ask if we have any queries?

A. You’ll be checked in by the campsite reception team and then we’ll come down and introduce ourselves personally and give you a quick guided tour. Unfortunately, we don’t live onsite, but the reception staff are there for all your needs and, if they can’t help for any reason, you can get in touch with us and we’ll pop down to lend a helping hand.


Q. Do we have to clean?

A. At the end of your stay we just ask that you clean the dishes and cutlery but we’ll do the rest. There’s the standard inventory and damage check which we need to run through before refunding your deposit.