Yoga and Personal Training 

Anne Moser is the owner of Yogifit Biarritz. She has been a yoga teacher and fitness/health coach for the last 6 years. She has created a number of package options for our guests to make the most of your holiday.

Private yoga package (or small groups)

Whether you are new to Yoga who would like to be introduced to the basics or an experienced practitioner who would like to develop a specific part, a private yoga lesson can be a great way to accomplish your goals and to get the full one on one attention.

1 x 1.5h session to enjoy and profit the benefits of a private yoga lesson of a yoga that suits you

3 x 1.5h sessions to work on your specific goals and needs

Personal training package

Working with a personal trainer is the fastest and most effective way to get results on working or changing your fitness-/ health condition and your well being. Why not use this opportunity in your holiday to get your personal programme set. Based on your health, body type and lifestyle, your session will be customized on your needs and goals.

1 x 1.5h package to get new perspectives, new ideas and motivation on health, nutrition and fitness

3 x 1.5h to develop a routine and take it back home

Yoga and personal training package

Combine the best of both, yoga and fitness for you maximum pleasure.

1 x 1.5h yoga lesson and 1 x 1.5 personal training