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The best of both worlds is not an easy balance to strike.

How to combine closeness to nature with comfort and space? Where does the great outdoors end and the beautiful indoors begin?

When it comes to squaring this circle, we think we’ve cracked it.

The dome and the covered kitchen-dining area are both on decking; they’re easy to ventilate as well as to batten down and stay snug; parents have the luxury, headroom and space of a partitioned-off king-size bed, but having the children under the same roof feels reassuring and safe. The al fresco area alongside gives you as much or as little exposure to the great outdoors as you wish, and the Plancha gas cooker gives you the flexibility of either feeding the fastest food to on-the-go children, or six of you sitting down in style to something more complicated and substantial.

Sounds a bit  like the best of all possible words, doesn’t it … ?

Sleeps 6 (maximum of 4 adults)