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Geo Dome – the science

These domes are as remarkable to be inside as they are to glimpse from a distance.

Their striking shape makes them structurally rugged and weather-resistant (think of the wind trying to get hold of one; compared with traditional tents there are just no angles or corners to grab on to). That same domed, high-ceilinged shape makes them restful and spacious to be in too. They’re waterproof, UV-protected and fire retardant, but their shape helps air to circulate inside, and they have flaps which roll up to allow for more ventilation when needed. Even if you’re out all day and leave the dome closed, a solar fan will keep things cool for when you’re back.

In spite of their solidity, putting up and taking down domes takes no special equipment or electricity, has minimal impact on the local environment, and their skins and frames are recyclable, so you can add sustainability to their list of attractive features.

But of course, geodesic domes are about more than the sum of their parts: they might meet all the above criteria, and be dependable and versatile. But until you see one for the first time, between the trees or across a clearing, you won’t appreciate quite how amazing they are.