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In a nutshell: the great outdoors deserves a beautiful indoors.

Like any eye-catching area, the south west corner of France has no shortage of campsites, but looking for potential Glisten pitches boils down to gut-feeling more than box-ticking. Of course, facilities, location and square-footage are important, but not at the expense of friendliness, space and (you can use an English or French accent here) ambience.

You know the feeling: you can instantly picture the kids wandering off to play safely and coming back excited at what they’ve found. You can easily see yourselves sat in that moonlit, after-dinner, after-bedtime calm, sipping wine and gazing at the stars.

And if the outdoors needs to match a mood, the same applies no less to the indoors, hence the domes. For one thing, the sheer headroom is very untent-like: their sense of space is calming, the opposite of the cramped and cluttered stress a traditional tent can bring. There’s reassuring solidity, well-designed space for all, and the kind of covered kitchen and dining area that’s more about beautifully grilled food at a family-sized table than blackened meat and your own patch of damp grass to perch on.