10 great reasons to holiday with us in September

We always bang on about why September is our favourite month so we thought we’d give your our 10 top reasons why it’s a truly magical time to visit.

  1. Come on in the waters lovely – That’s because it’s the warmest month of the year for the sea. A pleasant 23 degrees on most days. Now who wouldn’t be tempted by that.
  2. Serene Sunsets  – Simply stunning, watch the end of the day disappear from so many different view points in both France or Spain. The choice is endless but don’t worry when you arrive we can give you our top 5 places for sunsets.
  3. Harvest time – Along with the wine harvest you’ve also got the amazing piment (chilli pepper) festival in Esplette so it’s a great time for any gastro enthusiasts.
  4. Celebrate with the Locals – Once the summer is out of the way the locals come out of hiding and it’s at this time of year you’ll see lots of local village festivals, so what better time to live like a local.
  5. Truly magical walks – The temperature in September often makes it ideal to really enjoy the Pyrenees. It’s also the month when coastal road is closed for the Fete de la Corniche so you can really appreciate the rugged coastal landscape.
  6. Surfs up – Yes it is really the best month for swell and light offshore winds, so come and join us on a surfglamp holiday.
  7. Fancy a Reggata in Spain  – Boat racing is a big thing in San Sebastian so when the Traineras comes around in September the whole city is a wonderful atmosphere. They take place on the first two Sundays of September in La Concha Bay.
  8. Release a vulture – Yes it’s true every Sunday from the top of the mountain La Rhune see vultures being released in to the wild. A once in a lifetime experience to see these magnificent birds take flight.
  9. Rub shoulders with Film stars – September brings the celebrities of the big screen to San Sebastian for the 64th International Film Festival. It’s recognised as the 3rd most important film festival behind Cannes and Venice.
  10. Hunting for wild mushrooms – Although the season is from April to November, apparently September is one of the best times. The basques love their mushrooms and there is nothing quite as enjoyable as good forage in the pyrenees.

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