Picture yourself as close to nature as you want:

The time outside, the energetic days and lazy evenings in warm sun, the stillness and undisturbed dew of the next morning, promising more.

Then picture yourself in a striking, spacious, luxurious dome. This is not camping as you’ve ever known it. Hanging beds for the children, Fatboy bean-bags for all, king-size beds and high-quality mattresses, bedlinen provided, covered, substantial al fresco dining, a state-of-the-art ‘plancha’ gas cooker, room for everyone: this is camping with space, solidity, comfort and style.

We’ve put a lot of hard work, serious thought and many miles into selecting just the right campsites for these fantastic domes. They’re striking enough to make an impact anywhere, but not anywhere will do. We think we know what makes for a unique, and uniquely relaxing, camping experience, and you’ve just found it.

Amazing domes on hand-picked campsites in the warm south west of France: this is Glisten.

Who wouldn’t want to camp like this?